Help with making gold logos

So I’m right now working on a RWB GT2 and I’m trying to create a Rauh welt begriff logo but I want the font to be hollow so the font would be the color of the car (gold). So does anyone know how to do this?

been there, done that.

Basically the best way is to take the lettering you want (if you’re using one of the in-game fonts, for instance) and make your lettering. Then add a contrasting color and make a background (i.e. white lettering, put a black square behind it). Not necessary, but it’s the way I like to do it. Then using a third color (say, bright red, again for contrast), go over the black parts with whatever shapes work. After completely covering the black part, delete it and the letters. That gives you your mask. You can group it and make it whatever color you want the car to be, put it on the car, and cover the area around it with the same color.

edit- on looking it up, I see you wouldn’t be using in-game fonts, but the process stays the same. You’re just creating the area around the logo, rather than the logo (I find it easier to actually create the logo and then work around it, although it’s more work (that’s the way I did the Foulger Ford one).

thanks so much this really helps :slightly_smiling_face:

no problem, good luck- btw, I like to start with a basic rectangle and stamp all the vertical and horizontal sections first, then work on the odd shapes later. Just personal preference.