Help with issues I've been experiencing with horizon 3

Hello Drivers!

So I’ve had forza horizon 3 for roughly a month now and I’ve kinda been experiencing some issues. I fully upgraded all of my festivals and for some reason, clubs on my dashboard is still locked, when I’m playing online, I am unable to see the painted colors of people cars and the designs they have put on them. My designs where I go to the storefront and download graphics and different paint jobs is also still locked. I have played from a friend account and his account is on a much lower level than me and his game is working perfectly. I have tried reinstalling the game and it still doesn’t work so a friend suggested to delete my saved data and start from scratch which I do not want to do because I’m too far to start all that over again. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Might be something to do with your privacy settings on your console