Help with g29 shifter

i have just bought a Logitech shifter, but im not able to get it to work, my wheel was sit for a while, so i set it up, plug the shifter and nothing, the shifter does show up on lgs, but i cant bind or get any answer from it, i hav reinstal windows and change the drivers and its still the same, tried other games but i get no response from buttons 12 to 18, when playng in controller or just without the shifter, i can drive and hit the cluth with no problems, (the only wierd thing i found, is that if i plug my wheel with no shifter, my cars starts from second gear), and the only way to get neutral is by pressing escape, but even in neutral i cant shift the gears with the shifter… im looking for help or some way to test my gear, probably my g29 is broken somehow thx !