Help with Drifting/Corners

Ok, it’s probably due to maybe not enough practice behind the Forza wheel, but I am still having trouble making those corner turns.

When coming into a corner, I always speed into them too fast, or too far and end up hitting the walls, rocks, other players etc.
I’d really like to NOT do that.

Is it a matter of just practicing the corners? I know a bunch of cars that close together will always crunch each other.

but if I play it safe, head into the corner by slowing down, then hitting the gas at the end of the turn I always end up last.
Is that normal: slowing down coming in and gassing it out?

You’ve got the basic concept right: slow in, fast out. But there’s a lot more to it.

This might help:

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Don’t be ashamed to use the suggestion line, especially when you’re still learning. It’s best not to come to rely on it, but it’s useful as a rough guide. If you can see it ahead, and there’s any red in it at all, then you should be planning for the turn. The general technique is to brake hard as late as possible, but that can cause you to spin out if you’re going too fast, or your approach is off. If you feel you’re going too fast as you approach, or you’re not coming in square, then gently squeeze or repeatedly tap the brake a little bit, just to bleed off some speed and adjust.

And don’t drift! Unless you’re doing an actual drift run, in which case, go to town. I know, it’s a tough habit to break after games like Mario Kart and GTA have ingrained it into us, but drifting is almost never the fastest way around a corner in ordinary circuit racing.

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