Help! With drift tuning for wheel

Can somebody anybody give me a few pointers on drift tuning like the basics and do’s & dont’s…stiff or soft? Or point me in the direction of someone who can…i seen posts on here but they are all different in the way they tune,my question is what is the best way to tune a drift car for points…i use a TM TX edition on 900 DOR and from 100 FFB

I had the same question when I got my wheel. I guess I would say get a low powered drift car like a bmw and just mess with the suspension and the force feedback until you fell comfortable. If you want I can get you a tune and post what my wheel settings are.

Yeah i also forgot to add in my post that i need help with the wheel settings as well…did you change any of the settings in the control panel when u hook the wheel up to a computer…sure post your settings so i can get an idea…i got the wheel just for drifting and i cant even drift lol it sucks