Help with a drifting setup

Hello, I’m really new to drifting and tuning on FH2, so I was wondering if someone could help me build an easier to control set up for a 97 BMW M3 or even recommend a pre made setup or if I should use a different car. Any help at all appreciated

Current upgrades:
Power train: Stock. Drivetrain: Stock. Aspiration: Stock. Engine parts: all stock. Platform & Handling: all race. Drivetrain: all race. Tyres: street. Front width: stock
Rear width: 255/25R20. Rim size f&r: 225/30R20 (just because it looks nice IMO, will change if it makes a difference). Front bumper: stock. Wing: removed (for looks)

Current tuning setup:
Tyre pressure front: 28.5. Tyre pressure rear: 28.0. Final drive: 3.45. 1st: 2.89. 2nd: 1.99. 3rd: 1.49. 4th: 1.16. 5th: 0.94. 6th: 0.78
Camber f&r: -5.0 (for looks, again will change if makes a difference). Toe front: 1.5. Toe rear: 0.0. Front caster: 5.0. ARB front: 29.82. ARB rear: 24.21. Springs f&b: 723.6
Ride height f&r: 5.9 (also for looks, same deal, will change). Rebound stiffness f&r: 8.9. Bump stiffness f&r: 6.8. Brake force balance: 50%. Braking force: 100%. Differential accel: 100%
Differential decel: 75%

Hey there,

so first of all i don’t really know how much horsepower your BMW has, but to start with you should have about 400-600 Horsepower.

When it comes to the tires, you should definitely go for the most garbage one they have, so probably street tires. You want to have bigger tires in the rear than in the front, the rim size doesn’t really affect drifting in my opinion, so take what ever you want i’d say.

When it comes to the bodykit, you can pretty much take whatever you like, keep in mind that a drift car has to be light though. I don’t use spoilers very often, because most of the time i don’t really feel the need of a spoiler to press my rear tires down and give them more grip. Don’t get me wrong you want grip on the rear tires but not too much that you stop drifting.

So here comes the more difficult part: tuning setup,

Front tire pressure: 32PSI (You want a decent amount of pressure in the front tires, because they won’t get as warm as the rear tires. Even though you can’t see the tire heat, it still exists, you can look it up in the statistics for example.)
Rear tire pressure: 22 - 27PSI (This setting depends on how much horsepower you have and how much grip the car possess, choose low PSI if you feel the need for more grip.)
Drivetrain setting: Depends on in what gear you want to drift most of the time, but you should go for short gear ratios. Your car should have the capability to rev up pretty fast in the gears you want to use.
Camber: -3 - -4 degrees in the front and 0 - -1 degrees in the rear.
Front toe: only a bit, 0,8 degrees max.
Rear toe: only a bit, -0,8 degrees max.
Front caster: 7 degrees, max that out.
ARB front: you want to make it a bit stiffer than the factory setting.
ARB rear: you also want to make them a bit stiffer than the factory setting, but keep the front stiffer than the rear.
Springs: you should make them a bit stiffer than the factory setting, keep the front stiffer than the rear(most of the time i add 16lb in the front and 12lb in the rear).
Height: you want to put the car down as much as possible, but keep in mind that you don’t want to scratch the street with your bumper, if you do: put it up a little bit.
Rebound/Bump stiffness: you want to make them a bit stiffer than the factory setting, keep the front stiffer than the rear!
Brakes: depends on personal preferences, you can make the normal brake behave like an e-brake for example, but i recommend leaving this setting stock.
Differential: Acceleration: 100%; Deceleration: 100%; you want a locked differential.

So that’s pretty much it, hope my english wasn’t that bad (english is not my mother tongue =/ ) and I hope I could help you a bit.
I took all my “knowledge” from: Basic Drift Chassis Setup
make sure to check out the link if you’re interested in a more detailed explanation.

FaTe Syncx, thanks for replying, I’m going to try what you suggested and then fiddle around if needed to get it just right for me.

By the way, your English was great

I have a tune up for en a 2015 mustang if you wanna try it out. Just search my gamertag when you go to the tuning setup ups. Its a very good tune I would suggest it for anyone mew to drifting. My gamertag is crackermuf btw

I have a good tune up that yoy can download if y havw xbox one I would suggest it for anyone new to drifting. Just seach my gamertag in the tuning setups. My gamertag is crackermuf btw

The E36 M3 is an awesome choice you don’t need another car, I have a tune for the E36 M3 that I uploaded to Youtube. You can try it out and use it as a base to go off of to learn and use when making other drift builds. Hope it helps! Konscript - YouTube

Thanks for replying guys, I’ll check those out and have a a fiddle

If you need, I can walk you through tuning. I can show what to adjust to correct issues with the car.

Sometimes just using a template isn’t enough, some cars require a bit of thought. I can help you understand the questions and answers of tuning. Hit me up!

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