Help - Why are all the championship races locked?

Ok, so when I first logged on, I chose the Driver’s Cup, Seeker Championship and then the Polaris RZR Spec challenge. After completing the four races I am now locked out of all Seeker Champ challenges except the final single races of each column (Audi Models/Limo Bowling etc). Why can I not continue the Driver’s Cup races?

I thought that perhaps I didn’t have a valid car so I purchased a Modern Hot Hatch and that challenge now says I have 1 owned car but it is still locked.

The only thing I can think of is the SP points listed in each challenge (is this the entry requirement?). I currently have 810 out of 2500 (on the top bar), but the Polaris Spec says 1000 so how did I get access to that to begin with and complete all four races (and now get locked out)?

Then I thought could it be my Car Collection progress, though I am already at tier 2 1105/1400.

I have read on the forums some menus get locked with bad internet connections. This is unlikely as I have fibre (testing fine) and both my PC and Xbox have the same issue.

What am I missing…?

From memory, you have to finish and build up a certain amount (SP) to unlock the next segments.

The points listed for each race is the amount you get if you win every race in the series.

If I remember correctly the game forces you to do a Showcase event after completing your first series. Try completing one of them and the other series in Seeker should be available again.

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