Help! Why am I even banned?

I don’t get it. I got banned for “abusive profanity” something I absolutely do not do, and now my ban has been extended for another MONTH for the same thing and I haven’t even been playing because I’m banned! How is there no appeals process for this? I’ve submitted two tickets and nobody will respond to me and explain what they think I made that’s so profane, so how can I resolve this?

Please stop banning me and tell me what I’ve done that’s so wrong.


Unfortunately, tickets are the only way to contact support…no-one on this forum is able to do anything and discussing bans in the forum is not allowed

Well, the ban process is feeling pretty abusive at this point. Thank you for letting me know. This whole process has been an absolute nightmare. If you submit a ban ticket, it marks it as “solved” immediately upon posting, so I don’t think anyone even looks at them.


I don’t know why my gamertag is banned so I can’t play online. Rasoshun420…

Did you even bother reading the previous post in this thread? No-one is going to answer you here, and no-one here can do anything for you. You’re also not allowed to discuss bans here, you have to file a support ticket. Also, check your email inbox (including the garbage box) because they automatically send out an email when a ban is enacted.

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No clue what it shows if you’ve been banned but you can look at your ban history on the support site:

Slightly off topic but I just checked that link and under where it says I have no bans, it only lists Horizon 4 & 5. Logically you’d think that’s why I haven’t received all of my loyalty rewards because they’re not being detected but I got the viper for fh1 and not the centenario for fh3.

Don’t think it’s related as mine only lists FH4+5 and FM7 yet I got the rest of the rewards that I was supposed to get. I suspect the list only includes games that are currently supported ie when FH4 becomes EOL and is no longer supported, then it will no longer show on the ban list.

You’re probably right.

With you brother, I am going to just get my money back for being unplayable and walk away from the series as whole. This is just ridiculous. Manteo told some community members to report a bug, but they too just blow smoke up your rear. Not to mention they don’t tell you the specific reason you were banned to begin with. Heck I got banned for having FJB in a graphic, 1st time ever banned since Forza 1 and after I was banned for a week plus 3 extra days I played for 2 days and received another 30 day ban for nothing!! Which is totally an ERROR and they don’t want to address it or fix it. I know what happened I had two pictures downloaded and the SJW reported both pictures at the same time and then I got banned one week for the first picture and then 30 days for the next but I deleted both pics as soon as my first ban. So now I am 2nd time offender which I shouldn’t be.

I looked at my photos before I deleted the ones that I thought were in questions (since they don’t tell you specifically) and I had noticed that 2 different photos were deleted so I know with out a doubt that someone reported both images which then got me banned twice even though they probably reported them at the same time.


The only place you can get info on bans is from Xbox support NOT Forza support or by submitting tickets to them or making forum posts.

Support from a MS employee from is legit the only way… other than not breaking rules anyways.