HELP: There's a problem with your saved games

I loaded up Forza and everything went well. I checked my messages and saw that Dan had beat my rivals time for the bounty hunter challenge. I exited the messages and went into rivals. So far, everything worked just fine. I ran two laps against Dan and beat him and finished my race, Back at the main menu I noticed I still had an unread message. Upon scrolling over I had my Forza rewards credits I hadn’t yet donwloaded so I did so (they seem to have downloaded just fine). Immediately after doing this, this message popped up.

I thought it was strange to appear mid game, so I pressed cancel, returned to the dashboard and quit Forza. After loading back up and pressing “A” at the splash screen it reappeared.

I’m very nervous now because I feel as if I may lose my Forza save game. Clearly the console thinks there’s something wrong with the local save - I don’t know why, it worked just fine yesterday - but with all the other issues abound with cloud saves in past Forza titles and more recently with this game, I’m worried I’ll have to start over from scratch.

Is it safe to remove my local game saves and attempt to resync with the cloud or should I simply not play FM7 for a while, and hope everything resolves itself?

– This is on the Project Scorpio edition. I have played on the PC in the past, but not since getting this console.

Ironically, searching for this error code on the xbox Error & Status Code search page returns 0 results.

Update: as of now, doing a hard reset on the console seems to have fixed the issue. Whether permanently or not is to be seen.

I’m able to play the game. Sadly, I did notice I lost my Forza rewards credits. Guess I can wave that 450k goodbye…
On the plus side, my new rivals time did save but that I could have done again in two laps. :frowning:

I wouldn’t say it’s a “starting from scratch” issue yet - but I could see it getting there.