Help Selecting A Car

Hey guys I am in a Forza 5 Event Night tonight that is a 60’s night and limited to B Class.

So basically need a car from 1960 - 1969, B Class.

Can anyone recommend which car is best to go for that has a good mixture of speed and handling please :smiley:

Thanks for any help in advance.

1969 Chevy Nova, upgrade it, slap some big sticky tires on, put 75 lbs in the front springs, then drive it like you stole it…

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That’s just made my day. Thank you.

Thanks mate much appreciated

I have a 69’ Camaro. Pretty good in B Class lobbies :slight_smile:

Thanks I will give that a whirl too I have until 8pm to get a good car sorted :frowning:


'Nuff said.

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1969 GTO Judge. Leave it Orange!

The Mustang Boss 302 may be worth a look. The small-block engine means less weight over the front axle. Better balance means better handling, making it a solid choice for a grip build. Supercharge it, and you can get the power you need.

Mini Cooper! Best tyres you can get, all the handling upgrades and buff the remaining PI with engine mods. Also depending on preference, RWD literally turns it into a go-kart! Gear it tightly and you’ll beat everything off of the line, and out of corners, you can also out brake and corner everybody too!

Yeah, I’d personally go with The Judge, but he has a point. That Mini is ALL over the LBs! Another one is the Beetle. Actually has quite a few top Leaderboard times in B class. I think Catalunya and Long Beach especially. IIRC