help required

Hey guys and gals.
I was wondering if any of you could help me I recieved a heartbroken call from my nephew last night. His save file of forza horizon 2 has corrupted and he has lost all his cars and progress. He has restarted but as you can imagine to an 8 year old this seems like the end of the world. I have tried everything to get them back but short of purchasing them I cannot think of anything. Can anyone advise of a way I can do it without it costing his mother the earth. He only has the Xbox 360 version but I’m hoping someone can help us out.
Thank you from us all in advance.

Kind of odd that a young player’s uncle would have an Xbox LIVE account, but whatever.

Yeah, he either modded the save wrong or something messed up in the saving or syncing process. I cannot judge because I wasn’t there but it’s most likely one of those types of situations. Only way to get whatever cars he had back and whatever level he was at at the time is to legitimately play the game through or mod the save which I do not condone whatsoever as it puts up risk of getting banned from Xbox LIVE and/or Turn10 servers when playing online.