Help plz with forzathon Grand Touring Around Speed 199mph

I need Help plz with “complete a race where you go at least 199 mph in a 2017 Acura NSX”
I did it in a homologated one - 1 lap and 3 lap race
i tuned one up and reached 243 Mph in one and 3 lap Race

bouth in the standard nsx and the FE edition … nothing counts - it shows 195 mph since my 1st try (where i went 204mph)

i did with metric and English units … nothing works

what do i wrong ? any hints plz ?

PC with wheel

You need to complete the race

as mentioned - did all in 1 lap races and 3 lap races…

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I have the same issue. I couldn’t get the standard nor Forza edition to crack 180 never mind 199. No chance and that’s with tire pressures way up. So I upgraded one did 225mph finished and won the race and it’s showing like 90% done

Hello, i have found this :

For the second race, select Drag, set it to Test Track full mile, and hop in the 2017 Acura NSX (you’ll have to buy it so you can tune it). Head over to Tuning & Upgrades, select Engine, add Race Cams and Race Turbo which will upgrade the car from S to R class. Start the race and you’ll easily hit 199 mph (321km/h) to move on to the final challenge.