Help pleaseee

      • I wasnt sure which topic this question should be under lol but I was putting decals on my Bugatti and tried to put them on the side mirrors which it isn’t letting me… am I doing it wrong or can I not put decals on the side mirrors?

** I’m new to this so wanted to know lol sorry if it’s a dumb question! Haha

Unfortunately, you can’t put vinyls on the side mirrors. You can only paint them (and they have to be the same).

Oh okay I kinda figured but I wanted to ask you all that are more experienced with this game and such … thank you!!!

Well is there anyway I can paint the top half of a car and the bottom half a different color? I noticed alot of cars that have it and didnt know if it’s just food vinyl work lol… thanks again

It’s probably vinyls, it’s not hard to put vinyls on the sides of the cars.

If the car has factory multi part paint, you can choose those color sections individually in the advanced paint options else is just vinyl work