Help Please

All my cars in all races are like driving hover boards.
it started doing this 3 days ago and progressed to get worse and worse now it is like driving on air.

Any Idea why this could be happing?

So all was fine 3 days ago?

Is it doing it in career races or online?

I assume you got the game update around 3 days ago?

Did you let the game fully update before starting it? ie I usually ignore the “ready to start” and wait for the full update.

One thing I suggest you try is a cold reboot of your console - hold the power button on the console for 5 seconds to turn it off and then restart and try again.

yes I always wait for it to be 100%

It could be the tunes them self. Try downloading a top tune and see if it keeps happening. If it still does than i have no idea y so lets just hope its the tunes cuz i would have no idea why or how your game would do that.

This is weird, I thought it was my imagination, but my lambo in s class has been behaving strangely. It randomly stopped steering and or braking. My friend has had the same issue with. Different car while racing online yesterday. We put it down to us being wafty drivers but it happened again today. Strange indeed.

some of my cars lose the steering and brakes I just thought it was part of the game like brake fade and or suspension broke, it happens in game racing or doing the rival events.
I don’t have any friends on line to race with.

You and your friend have seperate consoles and it happening on either console? Or is it seperate controllers on 1 console? Or one controller that seems to mess about on 1 or more consoles? Did you install the latest Controller Update to the controller?

It is just myself playing in game and rival events, one console and one controller. I just did the controller up date no change in the races.

Just one console and one controller and playing in game or rival events

My issues have appeared online only. My friends was the same. He is in US I am in UK. All updates I have been asked to do have been done. All allowed to 100% download. And I’m so tired of the randomly disconnecting controller…

Plug it in, I used to have it disconnecting (ones 4 times on Bugatti Circuit on a 3 lap race) since I hard wired it to the console never had a controller disconnect in over a 2 months

Speed Runner 10: Do you happen to be doing the Xbox One beta update testing? There are controller issues in those updates, so far, and are not the game you’re playing. Any issues in the Beta Test should be brought up in the appropriate beta forums. There is nothing to be changed within FM5.