Help Please with Unsporting Player


I have had enough of a certain player, I now cant go into a room or be in a room when this player comes in without being rammed off the track every single race.

I am constantly filing complaints for offensive text and speech messages.

I have been playing this game virtually everyday from day of release and have not met such a bad sport.

What do I need to report him please?

Follow the Xbox LIVE instructions here: Those reports go to the Policy Enforcement Team at Xbox LIVE, and they have the ability to join the offender in whatever game he’s playing. They issue a warning (like on language or disruptive game play) and if a “smart” answer comes back, they’ll tell him to read the information when he logs back into Xbox LIVE.

And then they disconnect him. When the person returns to sign back into Xbox LIVE, they’re faced with a message from XBL Big Brother which states (roughly), “Your account has been suspended from LIVE until . . .” (which sometimes includes “until December 31, 2999”.

After you file, make sure you BLOCK the player so you no longer have to see that person. Keep all voice/text messages, which the PET folks will access from your account, too.

Thanks Snowowl,

I have been filing complaints via the Xbox system, I usually keep the messages for a few days before deleting them, I will keep them for far longer, but this is not dealing with the ruining of my live game, every race I am rammed off the track, and is becoming very annoying and therefore the Forza experience is jaded.

I thought Turn 10 banned people if you saved replays and posted them somewhere in the forums or have they stopped that now? Or are they not supporting Forza 4 any longer in that way?

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Well a lot of good Microsoft are, I am being constantly harassed by this person, and report every foul mouth voice message, and nothing has been done, yes Ii could block communications but that doesn’t do anything about the constant forced off the track/crashed into.

So Thanks Microsoft you are great

Be patient, yours is surely not the only complaint. MS and Xbox live are not known for speedy resolutions! Meanwhile, the on line public lobbies can be brutal. I suggest trying to hook up with friends for private races, or try some of the Custom Public lobbies, as they’re usually a lot better. The host of a CPL can kick anyone who is misbehaving. You could also check out some of the many teams and leagues around. There you can get involved in highly organized and structured racing without those worries.

Follow the instructions I previously posted in this thread. BLOCK the person on Xbox LIVE. (That is in the instructions.) Keep the messages. If you delete them “after a couple days” you’ve destroyed the evidence. Give Xbox LIVE’s Policy Enforcement Team the opportunity to review, investigate and then take the proper actions. They will.

Just quietly follow their instructions. No need to post here because only the Enforcement Team is able to properly investigate, observe where they deem necessary - including in online gaming sessions - before they administer the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct. Remember, they’re going to ban not just from a single game, but from LIVE itself.