HELP: No Designs Available

So, I attempted to buy a car and it won’t load any designs. I went to search for designs for cars I own and no designs load.

Every time, it takes a couple of minutes and returns the message:
"New Designs are constantly being added, so return to Recommended Designs often to get the best content as it becomes available. Press A to continue. At which point it returns me to the main CAR menu and won’t let me buy the car. It does let me buy the car if I pick a stock factory paint.

does anyone know why this is happening?

I am only guessing here but your “internal network” is not configured correctly for all online content/options Xbox Live has to offer?

Have you been having issues as well recently with (any) achievements, online lobbies, downloading of DLC / demos / videos, voice chat, uploading Game DVR-videos etc?

This occasionally happens when the server is having issues. Try again later is my suggestion. I have had it before and it usually just lasts a day or so.

No, I was only having issues with the Designs. I did not think to check the tuning section because I’m attempting to improve my own tuning abilities.

Good to know SNE. Thank you. Today they seem to be back.