Help needed : small vinyls how to have it clean

Hi all,

I’m working on my livery and I need to do a lot of small sponsors vinyls. No problem to make it, but the problem is when i apply the vynil on my car. As it need to be quite small, when I shrink it down i get a blurry vinyl and lose all the nice details I spent time to create :frowning:

Is there any trick to make those vinyls clearer or there’s nothing to do and under a certain size all you will lose details ?

BTW another question : can we zoom in when using the vinyl creation tool ? I know i can zoom in when working directly on the car, but didn’t find anything when using the vinyl creator tool :frowning: For now I just increase the scale, then decrease it after the job is done, but doing so I can’t pan the vinyl unless I move a layer from left to right.

thanks for your help

I dont think you can do anything. its a shame really as the vinyls do look more jagged than FM5.
Reduce the detail level a little maybe could help (ive not tried this yet but will do)

Edit: and no you cant zoom other than when applying to car.


unfortunately, that’s the answer i was pretty sure to have :frowning:

the main problems are with letters and thin lines. It’s not only getting really blurry, but it also gets a lot of aliasing to the point that words can’t be read anymore.

Too bad there’s nothing to do about it…

Just don’t make them as detailed then, it may also save on your layer count so you can add detail elsewhere. I’ve ran into the same problem a couple times as well.

Sometimes putting an almost transparent layer over the top of them can help. Using gradients instead of hard lines. Try and not rotate the whole thing. You can reset the size of a layer group back to one which gives more control over it when its smaller. Don’t waste layers on things that wont be seen (when painting a face you will rarely need to paint individual eyelashes same thing applies to logos a couple of squiggles can used to give the appearance of a line of text).

thanks for the transparent layer trick. I will try to use it and see what’s the result :wink: Will also test simple squares to replace letters and see if it can look OK once scaled down (anything will be better than a few pixels looking like an ugly display bug).

This livery is quite simple (I’m a noob), and i don’t think that i’m going to hit the 3000 layers limit any time soon…