Help! My FH4 account gets a reset everytime!


So i bought the Ultimate Edition and started playing last month on the 28th, it was all good until i had to update the game.

Right after i updated i logged in and all the DLC i had, it was shown as an option i had to buy in order to use it, like i only had the standard edition.

In the microsoft store it also showed that i only own the standard edition, so ive deleted the game, did a restart, and installed the game one again (it took a few good hours).

It was all cool until today ive downloaded the Forza Hub, and the FH4 screen was still open, so i got a message in-game saying i got to do a restart.

I did, and all of sudden ive started from the tutorial…

So now im installing the game again, and i dont have a clue for why this is happening and how to avoid it next time, and neither of my friends got this problem and also i couldnt find online anyone who has come with the same problem.

Any solution guys because i really dont want to reinstall the game every update… :confused: