[HELP] Moved Forza 4 to new HDD, PC can't find the game and I can't delete it

Hey, second time posting here I don’t know where the first one went, it just disappeared.
Basically, I got a new Hard Drive, moved the game to it (from the Uninstall or change program tab inside File Explorer) and it just sees it as 4 Megabytes now, can’t run it from the start menu. Can’t uninstall it manually because I don’t have permissions, even if I do try to give myself it just doesnt let me. When I go to Forza 4 from the Microsoft Store theres a reinstall option but doesnt let me pick my new Hard Drive, only the other drives.

How do I tell my PC where Forza went, OR how do I delete the game ???, Thank you

Try uninstalling the xxBox applicstion and reinstalling it

Welcome to the lovely world of UWP, contact microsoft and try to get them to help you with walkthrough, i did the same mistake with forza when i wanted to move it to another m2 drive, ended up having to reformat the m2 and reinstall the windows store to beable to install it again. there is a couple of “guides” that did not work for me to google or do it the fast way.
your installed apps in this chase forza are stored in containers which are locked only (default) windows can touch these files if you move them register gets corrupt and the game exist but is corrupt, when trying to repair/reinstall there is nothing and it fails again.
GL HF :frowning: