Help mee!!!

Hello im Darul from india recently bought a Forxa horizon game,and also im useing the smartglass app but im not getting that useing a sony xpiria android 4.1 mobile.plz help me out.

ok are you trying to set a destination via your smartglass app? ok you should be able to select a place on the map (like an event not just an area of the map) and select set as destination and it should work (if that is your question-- if not plz tell more)
hope that helps :slight_smile:

(P.S if you are not able to do anything you can uninstall your app and reinstall it from the google play store and see if it will work then)

I have purchased forza horizon couple of weeks problem is im not getting the smartglass app feature which I suppose to get “lunch forza experience” can anyone help me plzzz???

I bought Horizon a couple of days ago and I’m having the same issue, Smartglass tells me I’m playing Forza (like I need to know) but there is no other option i.e. launch feature. I’ve contacted Xbox support and they said I have to talk with Turn 10. I’ve also tried removing Smartglass and re-installing but still no joy. Anyone out there that can help?