Help me understand

Okay so what I’m having trouble understanding is the suspension dynamics of this game.

I’m talking about for launching and nothing else.
From what I understand to make a rwd car hook up you want weight to transfer to the rear of the car.

What I’m doing is tuning rebound/spring rate and dampening soft in the rear, and a little stiffer in the front. The reason for front being soft but not as soft is because you need it to lift in order for the rear to squat I think.
Anyways when I do this how come it doesn’t seem to help with grip?
What am I doing wrong and how can I correct it?

I understand gearing can play a big role in this but I’m just trying to understand the suspension at this point.

Thanks in advance!

I can not really help you but so others know exactly what you are after are you doing it for drags or normal racing?

Drag racing.

Unfortunately I can’t get the launch down in this game.

Meh, I attempted to move this to the drag racing subforum but it won’t let me, you are better off asking there.

Okay, thank you.