Help me something is wrong

Before 5 days I maked every day 1200 design downloads but now I just get 12 downloads.Totaly I got 24000 downloads and so im close to the legendary painter. Anyone knows why? bL SkylineZz

If I am understanding what you are trying to ask…

Your stuff is losing popularity.


I doubt it’s just that. I say that because I usually get around 200 daily downloads for just liveries, not including vinyls or tunes. Since Friday I’ve gotten around 20 per day for everything. Tunes, paints, vinyls, everything was affected. I don’t know why because the same designs had five stars within a week after every time I reuploaded them.

Yes thats my problem too

If you guys learn more about this … please post it up. I’ve seen a lot of people posting the same issue over the last couple of weeks. Curious to see what’s going on.

I check my downloads every day and have not seen any reduction in my download numbers or credit rewards … so this is not happening to everyone.

I’ve the same problem here… I know how frustrating this is.

Hope for a quick fix or something like that!