Help me out? My hands are paralyzed

I’m trying to see if I can play Forza with my crippled hands haha. Since the Xbox One supports button mapping I figured I could remap the gas and brake to D pad up and down (up gas/down brake) and just take a valve from a blown motor and glue it on the d-pad.

Before I go out and nab an Xbox One could someone try this out for me?

If that doesn’t work maybe you guys have some ideas? I just need to be able to use the gas and brake and steering

Hi . what might work is if you zip tie the controller to a 1x4 to sit in you’re lap,then either a typing cuff or wrist brace with a popsicle stick to push buttons. I did try my night brace with a stick,it worked . If you have an OT/PT they may be able help as well. Goggle care/cure lots of good info there.
Hope you find something that works for you.

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You might have to get a wheel set up. Are you able to use your feet? You could mount a ball on the steering wheel for steering. Then just use automatic for shifting.

You could try to use a wheel with some kind of braces for your wrists or arms and just use pedals. For shifting maybe something like a paddle shifter you just hit with your fist or just run automatic

i am a disabled vet. i have neuropathy in my hands and do have some paralysis. i use the elite controller to map buttons. i have to use my ring finger for the gas. i use the left paddles for shifting and auto braking. it works for me. i pretty much have to play racing games. the one good thing is you can program the stick response. hope this helps.