help me , I'm not getting to play any game of forza series !!!

I’m not getting to play any game in the series online forza when I try to find a session to hit the road on horizon forza 2 , paarece the following messages . “Seeking a session to hit the road online " , " session found” , " entering the session " , “it was not possible to enter the session , check your connection and try again .”
Already tried everything already deleted my account console , already reseted the video game to the factory settings and still can not play any online forza . this happened after a while I became xbox preview before that I managed to play online normally and amused me.
my internet and 30MB and 2UPLOAD and nat: open .

help me please!!!

maybe a dumb question here… can you play other games online ok as of now?

Sounds like something is blocking your connection or it has to do with the XBOX preview program.

Look at your firewall and see if anythings different. I have no idea about the preview because i don’t have it.