Help me, help you level up the blueprint starcard!

Hey people!

Would you help me with leveling up my star card blueprint level?
You only have to like or race my own made blueprints, the are just 5 second sprint races, that you always win!
If you do so, leave me a message, and i will do the same for you!

The blueprint share codes for the race events are:

505 586 154
692 535 218
132 476 049
131 747 170

I have created a Facebook group called forza custom races Forza Custom Race Routes FH4 FH5 and a subreddit by the same name r/forzacustomraces to find and share custom race blueprints. The subreddit is growing really fast. 25 new members in just the last 24 hours. Lots of races of all types. We just created the Facebook page last night. Please feel free to join us and to share your blueprints or to just find new races.


Great idea, I’m also struggling to reach level 5, I’ve done and liked your 5 races, don’t hesitate to post more.

Mine are just those 2 short drag strips, don’t take much more time and that would help a lot.

The blueprint share codes for the race events are:

Horizon Festival Drag Strip
103 805 327
174 227 461
127 983 977
175 578 025
835 571 271

Greendale Aerodrome Drag Strip
635 480 201
679 118 507
111 467 916
153 864 868
509 681 576

Also if anyone else want to like and race those let me know and add yours so I can return the favor
Have a nice weekend

322 744 089

its a 10 sec dragrace on the horizon festival dragstrip.
much help is needed, every help is welcome! :slight_smile:

Share code 105 825 293

Quick diet race for this weeks forzathon. Thanks

I have a couple of blueprints and other things. Search R1NZl3R_YT. (Will update when share codes are found)

Quick Forzathon route this week

337 259 845

Quick forzathon win:
(Road Races)
Costworlds: 546 653 452
Broadway: 148 693 457
Greendale: 815 081 174
(Dirt Races)
Broadway: 110 030 483
Costworlds: 124 884 797
White Horse Trail: 514 440 684
Also i liked all your blueprints

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Porsche road race: 180 012 536

I just made a couple. My first attempt so let me know what you think. I’m happy to play the levels listed here too !

1 Lap around the Map - 338 958 627
And a GP style race through the city, 5 laps - 842 028 340


I made one I liked called “Hot Wheels, Cold Mountain.” It’s the Mountain Foot Cross Country with Hot Wheels cars. You can use the Rip Rod, the Bone Shaker, or even the Studebaker Golden Hawk if you bought the latest car pack. Please try it, grinding on the drag strip is driving me bonkers!

131 019 131

So I just made a quick 1 pass drag strip blueprint. Will only take you a minute or two. Appreciate any help getting to Rank 5 :slight_smile:

Share Code is 161 025 953


Here’s a few I made for the Reddit group. They didn’t try them. Maybe you will. Please give them likes. Please. I can’t go back to Drag Strip Hell.

143 860 753
705 834 232
145 926 969


I’ve created 3 tracks, I hope you will like it.

They are long races with unexpected curves and in special places.

Please check them:

370 863 677 (Lord of Scotland- 58 km, sprint race)

130 207 184 (Derwent Rally- 1 lap, around Derwent water)

176 447 619 (Morning Quickie- 3 long laps)



Lord of Scotland is a masterpiece, I love this route!

I also got tired of doing drag races by the festival in the VW IDR. Now I do them IN A SOLO LOBBY at the airport in a Fury. After each race, I spend about a minute getting 78,000-ish points in a Plymouth Fury or other x7 car (Tamo Racemo, Rid Rod, and a bunch of hoonigans are others). I time it so I rack up that many points when I end up at back the starting point of the drag strip. Create a new race again and you’ll bank the points into the race and get credit for them as the race starts. You have to be in a solo lobby so other people aren’t clearing the obstacles and they will reset after each race.

For every 1000 blueprint exp, I add about 100 perk points. At least you’re getting something useful out of it this way. I’m about 45 runs (and 450 perk points) away from level 5. Hopefully the income bug on the story card will be fixed soon.

Here are the x7 point cars:

Hello everybody !
I hope you can help me get to level 5 in blueprints to complete the star card, I will appreciate it very much … In the same way, you can leave me a message and comment on it, as well as ask for help with yours.

471 971 223
Dragrace on the road (Hot Wheels cars only)

133 592 459
Long route, from Bamburgh Castle to the festival and back

106 221 089
3-lap circuit (watch out for curves, only track toys)

168 371 250
Dragrace at the festival (Hot Wheels cars only)

Please I need the help, I’m about to get the Capri FE

Greetings from Mexico!!!

Hello all!
If you can help me in leveling up Blueprint, I’m currently at Rank 3 looking to complete the Star Card, I will do the same you you as well.

Easy Drag Strip events
170 076 252
170 719 913
527 375 590
471 656 492