Help me get to legendary painter rank!

I am new to the whole designing part of Forza Horizon 4 but I’m planning on trying to get better :). I have recently made a design for the 2014 BMW M4 Coupe that is based on the Horizon edition from Forza Horizon 3. It would help me out immensely if you could go and download it to help me get my downloads/likes up. I also have alot of other designs for cars like the Porsche 918, Dodge Challenger and much more. I would very much appreciate it if you would support me. My gamertag in game is: Dan1stMan745. Thanks

Hey mate, welcome!

Now, it doesn’t quite work like that (or at least asking people around here is not an efficient way really). Think of it - if you’re very lucky, 10-20 people maximum would see your post here and actually go do something. Say all of them downloaded one of your paints, liked it and used it 5 times. With 20 people that’s 140 points towards your Legendary status, out of 50000 required. And in reality, with the post like that, not pictures, etc you are luck to get one download from here. Which means you won’t ever get where you want at this pace.

What you want to do is create a proper gallery in this subforum, show off your liveries so people can see them without having to search in game, participate in livery contests (they are being run weekly, check Community Events subforum here) and win several of them. Then those downloads and uses will start counting.

Cheers and good luck.

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Thanks for the advice! :grinning:

I agree to Quadro40k,

it is not that easy to become downloads and by all means it is quite a thing of luck to get it in FH4 due to the new presentation system.

I started designing in FH3 but only a few cars and because i got bored in FH4 i made much more there and now i love the editor. Try to make some good photos of your designs, upload them here and in some Forza Clubs on XBox Live. Try to get in contact with the community and you will get some downloads…and last but not least: don´t stress yourself to get the status by all means. In the first line you should make your designs for your own, do what YOU like and don´t try to create things you think others may download.

For example: i got totally surprised as i made a simple design for the Mitsubishi Eclipse. I made it and was so happy with the result, that i decided to share it to others. Guess what: nearly EVERYONE made the Paul Walker design from Fast & Furious, so there where like 20 times this design and my simple but different one. Some people started to download the alternative to the ever same F&F design and my design got a lot of attention because of that. By now it is one of the most downloaded in my Creative hub, even if i have some others i spend hours creating.

So basically you need a good portion of luck, some creative thoughts you can realize and of course much patience :slight_smile:

Lots of good advice in here but this :arrow_up::arrow_up: is the best bit :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


Retro Krystal has confirmed several times both on the forums here and at Reddit that the same painter/tuner tiers do still exist and are still referenced internally the same as they were in previous games( i.e. - Legendary, etc.). It is just not referenced or shown to us anywhere in the game itself.

Ah, didn’t know that, I stand corrected then Wildcat… soz Dan, post edited :relaxed:

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I agree what previous posters have said, im not painter on myself but i have reach tuner legend status so i can give some overall tips.

Like highendlex85 dont stress abaout reaching status as it mostly pretty useless unless just want flipping cars in auction house, when i reach legend status i have allready 70m cr spare credits hanging around. So it’s better to just do what you like and get that nice feeling when other peoples like what you have done.

But if you really want to get legend status one of most important parts is car selection, while you can make really cool paint on porsche 550 it wont get that many downloads as is not very popular car. One good choise is cars that people will use at seasonal events, for example last thursday when season change i share S1 jaguar xj220 dirt tune as it was car that you need to use complete weekly forzathon and so far that is get over 2000 downloads.

And be creative cars like ecplipse or R34 skyline etc dont made f&f paints as there is lots of them allready shared so is best to create something orginal because not everybody wants to download same kinda designs.

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Just didn’t know what to call it