HELP! LOST ALL MY CARS ;( [merged]

So I got back from school and went straight my xbox one. To try and join an X class multiplayer to race my Lotus E21 F1 car, BUT all my cars where gone! I still have my 150k CR and my lvl 122. But I don’t have any of my cars impart from a car I’ve never had before in D class! I must of lost about 10,000,000 CR worth of cars (maybe more).I haven’t been doing any daft things, all I used to do was play either online or career! PLEASE HELP!

Try a cold reboot: turn off the console and then uplug it for a moment, then restart.

Didn’t work ManteoMax :frowning:

Didn’t work ManteoMax and am not sure if I’ve been hacked or I am being extremely stupid :confused:

As a second try, uninstall the game and reinstall it (then reboot). Since your gamesave is stored in the cloud, this shouldn’t delete anything, but if there’s a communication issue between your save in the game software, this might restore your garage.

Let’s just hope that the cloud hasn’t synced with his profile so that he lost all his cars there as well…

Didn’t work :frowning:

Didn’t work :frowning:

You could try contacting Turn 10, but I’m afraid the most realistic option is that you’re just going to have to start building your garage again. Sorry that’s not what you want to hear.

Ok D: it might sound sad but it makes me more unhappy seeing my last race on multiplayer was Lotus E21 on road America and its probably the last race I had.
And I did contact them but just got an auto message with nothing to help.

So basically going from my last topic. Thanks to maxmanteo for trying to help but he done all he can do. But I still don’t have my cars and I have proof of me having them too. It’s 10,000,000 CR worth of cars.

contact xbox support not turn 10

In forza 6 I did a prize spin got a buggati and hard turned off my Xbox because it was infinitely loading come back buggati gone