HELP! (Just got Horizon 4, have only played Horizon 2) Confusion with drag races

How can you do online drag races in this game? I go to the drag strips, ie the airfield and the Festival strip, and I can’t formally race people (“formally” meaning there’s an automated countdown and leaderboards w/drag times at the end). I haven’t found a way to “set up an event” for drag racing either, unlike in Horizon 2. What do I need to do? Thanks.

All races in the game are unlocked by getting better ranks in each race type. If you haven’t already, do races and showcases until you are in the “Horizon Roster” (real online play and not the prologue), because I think drag races are unlocked then. After unlocking the first race, do it solo until you rank up in drag races, and you will get another one in a new location. Also very few people do any races online so you might have no luck in finding other people to race with.

Once you make to horizon roster, when you enter a race, you’ll see solo and co-op option, co-op allows you to set up a race for others to join if they want to.