Help indentifying some stickers for a livery.


I am wondering if anyone can help me identify a couple of logos

DSCN0623_convert_20170326172057 by Tom Starks, on Flickr

they are just behind the front wheel. the first one says CRADLE SC/Tetra but its the next one down that looks like “SAW” (blue with a white outline) that I can’t get a clear picture of.

also down the bottom, the baby blue ones above KYC and SHOWA I can’t work out either.

thanks in advance

A hi-res Google Image search brings up these:

This car is available in Gran Turismo 6 and Forza Motorsport 4 so if you have either of those take a closer look.

Thanks, I did actually have a good look on Google images but couldn’t find anything clear.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of my older systems anymore so I am out of luck there.

The logo is for “Solid As Needed” - I couldn’t find any info on what it is, however.

Top one is Azko Nobel,

bottom one is Sikkens

Anyways, EPSON has a printable paper model on their website for the 2007 season car here. Very useful resource.

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Thanks for that! Jeez, I wish Epson made a paper model for every livery I wanted to reproduce. I actually use AzkoNobel paint at work but couldn’t recognise the logo, I think the one on the photos I was looking at is actually their old logo.