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I have a problem…Im losing my hair ARGHHHHHH lol joke seriously now

My problem is im tuning a mini cooper 65 and im really close to setting a good leaderboard time but (this is complicated to explain) when i turn into a corner the car starts erm the best way can describe it is it tries to auto correct,when i put it into a left or right hand corner it turns for half a second then tries to auto correct itself to go straight again so rather than having a smooth turn im constantly fighting the car to not sway back into going straight,sorry if i havent explained this very well, dont really know what to mess around with to try to correct this problem so im asking you guys the experts please help a bald man.


Did you leave it FWD or convert it to RWD?


give front some POS (+) Caster, not too much.

Alignments set to:

Camber Front -1.9 Rear -0.6
Toe Front 0.2 Rear 0.0
Caster 5.2

OK thanks knucklehead ill give that a try.

Raised the caster to 6.0 and its definatly mellowed the problem but now im starting to think it might be a dampening problem as when i turn the outside rear wheel is almost lifting off and the inside front wheel is is glowing yellow in the heat meter bottom right of the screen

Have a look at this tune I did awhile back, it was pretty successful.

i already have that tune and it is awesome so thanks for sharing that,i just thought id try something a bit diffrent when i tuned it but it didnt really work,I guess if it aint broke dont try and fix it springs to my mind right now.