[HELP] Forza Horizon 2 Infected

ok guys i bought forza horizon 2 and im enjoying the game cant get enough of it but im having issues finding the infected for online i can find free roam and car meets and road trips and races but when i try to find infected or cat and mouse its not there any ideas where to find them?!?!?

Cheers guys if you up for playing forza horizon 2 with me give me a add

-Gamer tag: Driftking197

cheers guys

I started a club for people like yourself. Search medicated Mafia in the club finder. Im trying to get all of the infected lovers together.

joined the club


I am also wondering how to find the online infected lobbies. Will look up that club as soon as the clubs unlock. When do they unlock?

So, did anyone figure out how to just join an infected match?

I already have a club in mind so I’m wondering how I can access my favorite online game by myself.

sorry bud. It appears you are out of luck. No tag or infected playlist to speak of. An obvious downfall, however playground games forced me into posting on these forums to find infected lovers, so the “social” aspect of the game is legit.

I’m sorry, but what you’re saying doesn’t make sense to me. How does gathering infected lovers in a club help? Is that the only way to set up a playground game? I haven’t ventured into online free roam just yet. Can you start an infected match in there?

Does anyone have some steps I could follow to figure out how to get into a playground game match? There’s an achievement for playing them. Sounds like a possible unobtainable achievement in this game if you have to rely on others constantly.

Or am I just missing something?

Oh i misunderstood you. Yes. Go to online free roam and drive to any purple event.

Ah, O.K. I figured as much. It originally sounded like you couldn’t get into an infected match unless you or one of your club buddies started one up, within that club. lol.


Okay, so, when you hit the pause menu, go to the social tab, then click friends. If you have any friends online playing Forza with you, or even not, you click their gamertag, then click INVITE TO ONLINE ROAD TRIP. Then it’ll give you the option of Amateur, Pro, (something else I can’t remember), then playground. Select playground, and then you’re in a private lobby of King and Infected, and all you have to do is wait for your buds to join. Hope this helps.

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please add me or send a request to join a car club as i love playing infected but find it hard to find the players …… GAMER ID - Josh iom

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

I have no friends who play Forza so i joined the MEDS club … but sadly in horizon 2 your are unable to invite club members to a game .

PLEASE ADD ME - Josh iom and invite me to infected games etc so i can add you aswell etc.

Thanks Guys

Kinda sucks!
I just wanna play infected, I DONT wanna drive all over to start up a new game only to have 2 people join, joining a infected car club is a lame fix

I want my damn lobbies back