Help for the last star card challange

since FH5 is going to launch i’ve been grinding to get the last car i need, that been the capri FE, but with the creative star card i hit a wall but after a day of sharing and unsharing a single photo,tune and paint,of which i hated every second,I reached the one i can’t get quickly without help so all i need is 30 seconds for you to play my drag race and like and that is 200xp i get

the race is called CROWDFUNDING, creative i know and the code is 164 022 441

and if you are in a similar situation feel free to add yours too so we can help each other out

come on people keep it coming, just reached level 4 and need one more level for that capri.
Hopefully before the 5th of november

I did your race 3 times, should be okay by now I think

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