Help, dont know where else to ask

I have Forza motorsport 4 Limited edition for the xbox 360, and I am having trouble installing disc 2, the content disc, I gets to 25 % and fails, I bought another copy and the same thing happens, I have even formatted the HD

disc one installs ok and all other games too,

i am wondering if it is because i just had the standard, which i took off, but some how there is a clash in marketplace data

This is the FM7 forum.
There is a FM4 subforum. But one of the mods can move it.

What version of the 360 do you own?
How big is your HDD?
How much space is free?

What do you mean with ‘standard’? FM4 Essentials ?

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I had this issue once a long time ago. What you’ll want to do, is get a USB pen drive to copy or move the actual Game Save file, and any paints and tunes files to, or copy it to the cloud. Delete everything in the FM4 folder. Then after that, clear the system cache. This is the most important step. After you clear the system cache, restart the console, and try to reinstall the game again. If it doesn’t work after all of this, it’s either a bad disc, or your disc drive is going out.

These steps are good for whichever console you have. I.e. Arcade, Elite, Slim, Slim Elite, ect. Hope this helps, and works for you, it did for me a few years ago.

Yeah I done that even created a new profile
Thing is all my other games install ok. Also I bought another copy of the LE. And same issue.

Just strange that two copies are doing the same thing
On disc two