HELP! Child in Tears How to Cancel Auction?

My son who is 7 just put his favourite car up for auction, how do I cancel the auction it has no bids. Playing on an xbox.

Unfortunately can’t be undone. What car was it? You can always buy another.

You can try to buy it with your next account and then return back. If no bids at all, no problem then.

Did you get the car from action house if not I could help getting him his car back and maybe a couple on top of that!

Just buy another, it’s pretend money.

It may not be that easy. If it’s a rare car that isn’t in the autoshow then it is impossible to ‘just buy another’ and that’s a terrible response.

Back on topic, to the OP:

If it is a car that is readily available then its possible the auction will expire without any bids and he can get the car back.

If not, several of us could probably help him out, but he would need to be VERY quick to buy the car on auction before the snipers/scalpers get to it.

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If he auctioned it, then it’s a car that can be auctioned, so it can’t be that hard to get.

Yeah, also the fact that the OP had time to check what was happening, comfort a crying child and post on here and still confirm there were no bids indicates that it’s not a really rare car, as it would have been gone instantly.

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Well? What happened? did the car sell or was he able to reclaim it?

wish I could send some credits, sucks that we can’t gift tings :frowning: you cant cancel auction but maybe submit a ticket? dont think they’ll be able to help though

You can sell somebody a car cheap, or buy a car off them for top price that they can sell it for. It is quite easy to give someone 40 Million that way.

Poor kid. To cheer you all up:

If it makes him feel any better I once removed a Hoonigan RS200 from my garage by mistake. Cost me 2 million at the time to buy another one