Help! Career races glitching/bugging out

Every race i finish it never goes to the reward screen where you see how much money you earn and your affintiy/driver levels. My car just keeps driving by its self it just continues doing laps with the AI in control and the only thing i can to do is quit forza through the dashboard and reboot it. It does say i won the race when i go back to check if i got gold but everytime i finish i have to restart forza. Is this a known problem or just specific to me?

Having the same problem.

Was working fine earlier today.

There are currently server issues on Xbox Live. Wait a while. There is a thread here already, and this is the current information from Live:

Also see:

Same here. Absolutely ridiculous that Turn 10 set this up in a manner that won’t even allow you to properly play multiplayer when server issues happen.