help cant sync

since 13th of april when the servers went down iv not been able to sync fh2 iv done all the steps like clearing data and resetting etc iv even had a relative log into my account on their console I get too 100% on the sync screen thing and then it just stops and leaves the only option of cancelling the sync . I don’t have not problem with any other games as I have uninstalled and reinstalled , iv done the full monty so to speak on getting this game to work . help me

UPDATE I have been on the phone to xbox AGAIN and they have advised me that my game data with the sync cloud is corrupt HOW DO I GET MY DATA BACK help me please MOD

In the future make sure you allow the sync to sit at 100% for four hours or more - users have reported that it appears to stop but actually completes some time later. As for the game save:

You may receive an automated response; wait for a followup.

as advised iv contacted the FORZA B email and have received this

Thank you for contacting Turn 10 Studios. Due to the volume of mail we receive, we cannot individually respond to all e-mails sent to us. If you have a question about a Xbox LIVE or Forza Motorsport Terms of Service, please see the following links:

CAN ANY ONE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS WHAT DO I DO NOW as I have also been told to wait for a personal response , Stacey