Help. Cant access my Hoongan or Furious cars

So i bought the car pass and VIP some time ago, got the cars downloaded including the Hoonigan and Furious pack.
I now cant access either the Hoonigan or Furious cars, they are all in my garage, but the Hoonigan cars say unavailable at this time when i
try to race with them (i have used them in races previous). When i try to use the Furious cars it sends me to the marketplace to purchase???
anyone else come across this problem? and how do i fix it? i just want to race my Hoonigan cars.

Check that your dlc is still all installed
Some xbox updates delete some dlc for some unknown reason

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Those packs arent VIP or Car Pass packs are they?
Hoonigan was pre order
and F&F was Deluxe or Ultimate version only

That was what i thought too, but when i purchased i received them, downloaded them and they are in my garage.
I have used them but no longer am able too! I cant access them on my xbox but can on a friends when we race!

Have you checked that the dlc is still installed on your console as per my previous post

It would make sense they work on your friends if the dlc is in fact installed on his console

If the dlc is not installed it will cause this issue
As i said earlier some updates do uninstall dlc

Like Talby said, it sounds like your friend owns the content and you do not. If you were playing on his console when you bought the cars, then you would have been able to, but without it installed on your Xbox you would have no access to the cars.

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Can i just slightly hijack this thread a minute, If i buy FH3 and the hoonigan pack can i then access these cars in FM7 ?? I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anywhere !! Thanks (and sorry for the hijack)

They are separate

But the hoonigan pack will be available to buy for fm7 in june
If you had bought fm7 digitally you should have it as well

Oh man thats awesome news do you know when ??


All they have said is June sometime…no actual date
It was in the Week in Review either last week or the week before
Maybe it will be mentioned in this weeks since it’s now June