[HELP] Cannot Reclaim Cars From Auction House

Hi, this is my first post here, I have been playing since FH3 came out to PC and never had any issues.

I recently started playing FH4 and, as usual, after I beat every race at least once and got a feel for the game I restarted it, by reseting my stats in the Windows Apps menu. Played it for a while and after making it back to Horizon Roster I tried to put some cars for sale in the auction house. The problem is, the cars I put for sale in my last playthrough are still there, among the one I`m trying to sell now, and I can’t reclaim them to try and sell again or remove them from my garage. After about a minute this is the message I get:


This makes it so frustrating to sell the cars from this playthrough because I have to scroll and wait for dozens of old cars to load to try to find the ones I can actually reclaim. Is tehre any way to get rid of them? Thanks in advance.