Help a noob out: Thrustmaster T150 settings and tips

To make a long story short I got a T150 in eager anticipation of Forza Horizon 3’s release this September for PC. This is my first “serious” racing wheel and I’m in a bit of a pickle. The problem is my wheel doesn’t quite do what I want it to do. It’s either too sluggish or too quick to react to my inputs and I just can’t get it to work the way I want. I’m finding it real tough to go from controller to wheel and I would REALLY like to play this game with my T150 because that’s why I got it.

What are the best settings for calibrating my wheel? I tried different dead zones but to no avail. Also, does anyone have any tips for a racing wheel noob? On a controller it’s quite easy. Want to go left? Hold the left thumbstick to the left with all your might… but this doesn’t work with a wheel because the responsiveness is so much better. Can anyone give me a hand here? What settings do you use? Degrees of rotation? Any tips on becoming a better digital driver?

Bump… anybody?


Last bump… if anyone has any idea of how to, at least, fix the oversensitiveness it would be great.

I had the same issue but after adjusting ‘wheel control sensitivity’ to virtually 0 at the game starting screen option (FH 3 allows more wheel control options only in starting screen), it became more stable. Hope this helps.