Hello! Im looking for friends to play forza games with :)

I have forza horizon 2 and forza motorsport 3 on my xbox 360, i do some paint/Decal jobs, and love Vauxhalls/Teslas
im looking for friends to earn some multiplayer credits with!

im aiming to upgrade to xbox one just because forza game series, and will buy new horizon and motorsports someday this year.
i am from finland, so i live in europe and my timezone is +02:00 i am scolioctic and i have this month free. i have real life car restoration project too so thats gonna eat my time later this year. but as im a scolioctic, i often have to stay awake during nights due back pains, so i can drive pretty much around the clock when im able, just toss a message at me.

Add me! tag: DinDinZilla
Thanks! and cheers!