Hello all drifters

I’m FujinWater been apart of the Forza from first release date on the Xbox, 11 years! I’d like to give you the chance to have another source of communication to join in for what ever you need, or just to share. I’ve recently opened an Discord server, much better then Skype and totally awesome program itself. If you’d like to chat or show some live videos or ask to a live chat room or voice room, wanna race? This is a great program to do it with. Here is the server Discord all you have to do in the program is go to “join server” on the left put that link in and presto.

Are you new and want to learn? there might be someone online you can ask instead of having to make a forum and waiting for a reply.
Want to do a tandem? chat it up!
What ever floats your boat, I my self leave it on most of the day so I can see posts and videos, it’d be nice to see some of y’all posting up your new videos live stream! or if you just want to chat with someone through voice without the mess of using Xbox life parties- this is a great option!