Hellcat's Supercharger/ACR's Wing

So, the patch definitely did a lot of good, so first things first… Thanks T10!

Two things I was hoping would work right after it though, don’t… Hellcat’s driving position is definitely fixed, thank you! But its supercharger whine still acts and sounds like a race transmission… it goes with the speed, not the rpm’s, and it doesn’t make any noise until you get to a higher speed, which in some ways is okay because it sounds nothing like a supercharger at the moment anyway haha.

The other thing is with the '08 Viper ACR. If you go to its Aero and Appearance, there is no option for the Forza wing, just a Dodge logo that says “remove wing”, except it doesn’t remove the wing, it adds a Forza wing. I quite liked it with the wing removed in FM5, made it more “Viper-y”, you could say.

Anyway, supercharger whine on the Hellcat is more important.

Also, I’m glad the GT350R has the correct sound now, but it’s still quiet. I know they aren’t deafening IRL, but still.

I recently noticed the whine on the Hellcat too. Hopefully they fix this soon.

I’ve noticed that too and it’s really annoying and it sounds like the engine is muffled as if there was something covering the exhaust when T10 were recording the sound for the game. I hope that gets sorted in the November content update.