Hellcat Speed and Grip in S1

I consider myself an ok tuner on Forza 6 was able to make something satisfactory on Forza 6, for the life of me can’t seem to make this car competitive in S1 on FH 3 I raced in A and S without to many a issue on F6.

The open world structure, left hand drive, and lack of braking feed back in FH3 makes all work tunning F6 useless, asking for ideas Ive tried all handling mods except aero the car seems to plow in most turns and brakes abysmal and then i get destroyed on the straightaways the widebody adds weight and attainable grip but makes the car worse?

Is tire pressure really gonna make that much difference?

any great all around or handling tune recommendations would be appreciated…

Sounds to me like you have not caught on to how the FH3 pi system changes things.

In FH3 the most competitive builds are AWD, power builds.

Tuning still works similar to FM6 in that changing settings in certain directions have the same affect, but builds need to be different. Also pro forma tunes from FM6 will not work, some settings like accel diff may need to be different given how much hp you should be running in FH3.

I have no idea where the Hellcat’s pi would land but I would AWD swap it and add power and adjustable suspension parts and then tune.

Cars in FH3 plow because the default ARB settings are atrocious, as are diff settings which have always been atrocious.

Soften front ARBs but not so far as to get body roll. Remove as much decel diff as you feel comfortable with, I use zero.

But will you get the Hellcat to be competitive in S1 in FH3? Not sure if you come up against AWD rockets like WRX, Evos etc.

Yea what he said^
Car selection and AWD really matters in this game, and that car isn’t one that is easily competitive in any class. That car is really heavy & then you NEED to AWD swap adding more weight… Good luck.

Unfortunately Hellcat is relatively weak S1 car in 1st place, even among the FR bunch stock-drivetrain wise(also the FH3 PI favors cars that are MR in stock form, followed by the slightly worse FR/M4/F4 and lastly FF which is being worst by huge margin).

If u still want to squeeze the best out of it here are few things I would suggest:

  1. AWD as others explained already. Don’t even consider stock RWD drivetrain except for MR cars or sth like FR ferraris 50% or lower front weight districution.
  2. V10 swap with (almost) all upgrade parts except camshaft and cooling parts. Should put u close to 1000hp mark which still only put this heavy car’s accel to “fairly decent” level among S1 bunch and is still just what I would consider as “allround” level of power to weight ratio. The swap was because the Viper V10 is more PI efficient than stock engine when NOT equipped with camshaft. Though it also means u would need to shift gears by yourself at rev-limiter to maximise powerband.
  3. Max lightweight parts including rims and driveshaft b4 u consider tires. Weight reduction is more PI efficient than tire upgrades in general. In some f**ked up cases for few cars u might actually get even better power to weight ratio after cutting weight.
  4. Avoid high downforce - U can already notice the negative impact from downforce on speed even at just above 100km/h. If you find high downforce helping handling, it’s usually that you’ve screwed up diff numbers (which was what I did for last few months). With correctly setup diff (which the car would feel much easier to turn) u would usually find that high DF would impede turning rate. In majority of cases front wing is even less PI efficient than adding front tire width not to mention weight cut. Best aero option is often just rear wing with middle to low DF. Bodykit is a great option for reducing downforce further as it helps stability.
  5. Keep all exterior parts lightest(maybe not hellcat but others) - cuz By whatever FH3 logic even 1-2kg increase in side, rear bumper or whatever exterior weight (aero parts exclusive) would upset handling to an extent which can’t be explained by PI change at all.

Tire pressure and diff are the most important 2 in fine-tuning menu. I usually start adjusting from 28.0-28.5psi range just like in FM6 PC beta for me. 1 annoying fact though is that u can adjust up to 0.1psi accuracy under metric unit but not imperial(when tire pressure is displayed under the unit of “bar” instead).

That’s all for just tip of iceberg of general FH3 stuff for now. Hope these would help :stuck_out_tongue:

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