Heavy Rains, Thunder Storms

where are the new weathers in the game? i cant see the new weathers as was mentioned in the lives from dev team, i just have seen in the story event just one time!

Try doing the Trial in this week’s playlist. Should be enough bad weather to satisfy the hardest storm chaser enthusiast.

Honestly I’m a little disappointed too, there are only two unique weathers that I’m aware of so far: tropical storm in the storm season and sandstorm in the hot season.

There may be some more that only occur on top of the caldera during the dry season that are snow related.

It’s worth mentioning that I think the standard presets work differently in different seasons. I do know that “heavy precipitation” was a lot heavier in the wet season then it was in the hot. Haven’t dug into this season yet, but I am curious where the lightning showed off in the trailers for this game occurs. I miss the lightning from Fortune Island already.