Heavy Metal Affliction -- Miss Taboo

The two-year anniversary of Heavy Metal Affliction just passed and to commemorate it, we go back to our first HMA story owner Dalton Carter otherwise known as CAMAROBOY68SS.

Carter and his grandpa have restored another classic Chevy, and this time they went straight to the heart of 1960s era street customs with Miss Taboo, a 1956 Chevy 150 Custom.

Read the story, post a comment and revel in this incredible car that truly speaks to what HMA is all about and why we all love cars.

Happy HMA two-year anniversary HMA fans!


Now this is what forza needs,CUSTOMS. I have seen the process of this custom come together. As for camaroboy68ss and are friends on forza and off forza. We talk about customs cars and classic cars and what we would do to customize them. We are always thinking of ways to make the cars in forza to look like customs with paint jobs.This is a good story about how customs can live on even if its the twentieth century. One of these times im hoping to make it to this show. And many of the big west coast custom shows. Well lets just say its on my bucket list. Awesome story john the pics turned out awesome. If you ever make it to the Midwest to any of the hot rod and custom shows and see a guy with a very tall pompadour, it might be me. So say hi

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Wow great article! once again thanks for picking it for a HMA article! it was a great pleasure to meet you when you came down to the roadster show.

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Miss Taboo is one beautiful custom car!!!

Well done to Dalton and his Grandpa!!

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I love to see restores like this, So well done Dalton and his granddad.
Keep up the good work all.

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Wow beautiful car, great restoration. Thank you for these article who show the passion for these classic car.

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Awesome HMA! I love '55-'57 Chevys. They are just a gorgeous body style and just so much can be done with them. They look amazing stock or custom. And that engine sound is crazy! I’m sure it’s a monster! The color is beautiful and the interior is flawless!

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WHAAT? I LOVE OLD MUSCLE CARS, and oh god, this one is awesome, i really like it!! I LOVE the withe stripe on the tires, and that blue colour it’s stunning!! I would love to drive that around the beach!

Breath-taking car!!

i would like to claim a car for Forza Horizon …

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Beautiful ride, Dalton, especially since '56 Chevys are not as big as the '55 and '57 in terms of popularity! Seeing the restoration pics reminds me of the '70 Z28 restoration I did with my grandfather. Take good care of her, as you and your granddad did one heck of a job!

Great read.2 years to the day Heavy Metal Affliction was made.Well then HAPPY B-DAY to it.I was not here then so The Blue Chey Custom so COOL love that body shape of it.Graet work on it.Love the white and blue seats in it too.MISS TABOO cool name for it. sleepyp1980 unicorn BMW M-3 GTR

Its awesome to see a car like that continued to be cared for through all those years. As well as the obvious, man that car is beautiful.

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I admire a lot rebuilding old cars, specially those ones that has a story in the family.
It is simply incredible how muck care some people takes with this kind of car, only love can explain that.
I remembered a guy, here in Brazil, that remade a 1956 Chevy Bel Air and made it a great tuning old-futurist design, what included the cut of 8 inch of the sealing height and all chrome 20" wheelset.
Someday I will find a picture of it and post here.
Amazing history!
Thank you very much guys, for given me my first unicorn!

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This is truly a beautiful American car…god I love it. It should be in front of McDonald’s every Friday. Would buy it if it were on Forza 5.

Congrats. On 2 years of HMA. That car has a brilliant restoration.

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What a beautiful car looks like all the time spent on miss Taboo has been worth it very nice story and nice car thanks for the great posts look forward to your next posts.
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Wow. Very nice. Great article.

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Congrats for HMA’s sucess, John. Here’s to the next 2 years mate

Another great Chevy by CAMAROBOY68SS, great car to celebrate the first 2 years of HMA.

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nice build dude, congrats to you and your grandpa
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Awesome car! You guys did an amazing job restoring it to its former glory. All that work has worth it and I hope you had fun. Keep up the good work.

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I love Muscle cars. I wish more games let you change lights, roof heights and interiors tho. Really good read and inspiring.

Wez Allan

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