Heavy Metal Affliction - 2016 Ford Focus RS

Well TX3 Laige may have won his own Focus RS in winning the Forza RC but you can read about this one owned by a local enthusiast. It’s also kept in some mighty good company.

It has been fun getting to know this Ford Focus RS and its owner to bring you this edition of Heavy Metal Affliction.



This has been one of my favourite HMA’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about people who spend a decade rebuilding an old classic, my grandad, my uncle and my dad have all done the same. But this one was different. Reading about someone who loves their Ford Focus when they have Ferrari’s in the driveway is a sign of something special in the every day. I know supercars can be less than confortable, but usually there’s still nothing close to the experience. But to have a car like the Focus admired by supercar fans, rally fans, regular car fans, speaks to it’s breadth of ability.
Some of the shots are great, all those boutique cars lined up clean and pristine with a dirty Focus out proud and loud in centre stage is great!