You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I tried using the “headtracking” feature the first time I played the game (under the false assumption that it did, in fact, track the player’s head), but I then realized that it actually tracks the whole body, not just the head, so I never used it again. But today I decided to give it another try.

And it’s just as bad as I remembered. Why do I have to put my head on the armrest of the couch to turn the driver’s head?

Forza Motorsport 6 and–provided they make it, of course–Forza Horizon 3 (since I doubt they’ll suddenly announce a new feature such as this for Horizon 2) need to use something like the system used in Battlefield 4.
That game was pretty pathetic when it came out (and I still strongly dislike it), but the headtracking was great, because it was actually based on the rotating of the player’s head.
Actually, it’s the only thing I can think of that actually worked at launch in Battlefield 4. But that’s completely irrelevant; the point it is, Forza should have motion controls like Battlefield, or not have any motion controls at all.

Or at least stop calling it headtracking. It’s misleading.

You may need to check your kinect settings. Aside from that though I’m not a fan of the head tracking either, I’ve had the same issue where say I’m turning left and I move my body slightly right then the whole camera angle goes to the right and I can t see into the corner. It would definitely work better if it only tracked your head movements.

I believe in Forza 4 that when using head tracking the camera detected what way you were facing and the in-game camera would make adjustments. But now the kinect camera even though it is way better than the 360 camera it only works with the way you lean your body…

Why is this? It’s not as good as the head tracking in forza motorsport 4, why can’t Forza 5 actually track your head and not your body?

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I have a sound problem while i’m in the cockpit-view: Every time when i move my head/body the sound changes (like i play with the car in the front/back) and the sound goes back if i look in the nornal direction…oh man that was very anoying.please t10 fix it, so headtracking is unplayable. i have no problems with the head/body movement it works for me. F4 headtracking have no such a sound-issue and headtracking works fine…please fix it :slight_smile:

I just don’t understand head tracking. It’s easier to just use the right stick, and it means you dont have to look at a strange angle.

I also don’t find it all too ‘immersive’, so I dont understand the point.

In the cockpit view it is easier to look in the left or right mirrors and it feels more dynamic, i loved it in f4 but in f5 with the sound issues…

I prefer the way its set up, that is touch your right ear to right shoulder to look right in game. Thats entirely rational…I mean…why would you want to look away from the screen. That said, as a white guy who sits on an oversized dark blue/almost black, lazy boy, slightly to the left of the tv…its never worked…ever… It just can’t figure out that I’m not sitting dead on looking at it. Its a bummer because it would be really useful as the right joysticks a bit sensitive for me…

Head tracking for Forza 5 works even worse that on the Xbox 360 with Forza 4. I too thought this feature would be improved with the new Kinect, but it took a giant leap backwards. It’s totally useless.

do anyone have the same problem with the sound in the headtracking mode(cockpit view)???

i try to race with headtracking but i never get used to it.
but not because it doesnt work technical it confused me when i made a unknowingly move with my Body.
to look left and Focus the eyes to the tv isnt so good either.it just dont feel natarul. and thats the mainproblem for me and i dont think a better Kinect could fix that Problem.
to use a Feature like that with a satisfying Feeling you propely Need new Hardware like oculus rift.

i get uesed to it with the body/shoulder (sensetive is on 20/100),and that works for me perfect (whit the eyes on the screen) but like i said before the sound isn`t correct and get on my nerves (in forza 4 this feature works perfect).I hope this time horizion2 gets a headtracking feature…because its just for fun :slight_smile: