Headset + TX wheel?

Has anyone figured out a way to do this yet? Last I heard having the wheel and controller on together creates conflicts. Don’t want to use the kinect as it just blasts the room noise the entire time, I literally have never even taken it out of the box anyway.

I don’t think there is any progress on this yet. I still use the controller for tuning and menu navigating, and turn it off in races. Unfortunately, that means no headset in multiplayer. Still waiting on a good solution, other than using the kinect.

The 2nd controller issues have obviously been fixed with the latest update, however you need to follow a certain order during startup to make it work properly:

  • Start your XBOne and log in with your profile using the gamepad
  • Connect your TX Wheel and wait until self calibration has finished
  • Start up Forza 5 (still using your gamepad)
  • On the F5 title screen press A on your TX wheel
  • You will get to the profile sign in screen again, sign into the same profile using your wheel this time

In a nutshell: Use your controller first to sign in, fire up forza and then use your wheel from this point on.

You might want to connect your Gamepad via USB cable in order to prevent it turning itself off after a certain amount of time being idle. Remember, there are two additional USB ports on the backpanel of your XBOne (in case you connected your wheel via the sidepanel USB port)

Hope that helps

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.