Headset Echo/distortion problems

I am having Problems with the headset when playing Forza Five and Six. People’s voice’s rapidly 0verlap, causing an echo-like distortion, and making it nearly impossible to understand anyone. So far, I’ve found only two ways to fix this : Either shut the X-box down completely (holding one’s hand over the on/off switch for 15 seconds to clear the Cache), or by connecting the X-Box to it’s own HDMI input on the TV … but not connecting the Television Cable to the X-box. The latter Fixes the problem permanently (well, so far). Sounds through the headset become as clear as a bell, and remain’s that way. It’s when watching TV, etc., and then returning to Forza that the problem starts. The first Question is: is this a Turn 10 Glitch, or is it the X-Box? As it stand’s, the X-Box is connected without the TV running through it. I tried having the TV connected, but then it was necessary to do a cold reboot every time Forza Five or Six was selected (that is, if I want to hear and talk to others). Getting up to reboot the system to correct the echo is repetitive … and very annoying. BUT! I WANT to use the X-Box to control the Television. This is one problem which needs to be corrected. Is anyone else having this problem? BD