Headlights BUG

You know its a annyoing bug when you sign in to the forums and write a topic about it…
REALLY annoying!

Many of the the BMW angel eyes does not work at all.
I thought this was one of the first visual issues Forza would fix, but i guess not?

Some headlights creates a weird glow and on the BMW X6M, when you brake the right mirror blinker light, lights up?!

I tried to show some screen shots of the X6M, notice there is no angel eyes and the headlights have a VERY weird glow.

This happens on several BMW models - maybe more cars? ( i am a bmw fan which is why i notice this on them )
So far i have JUST tested
BMW M4 F82
BMW M5 09’
BMW M5 12’

Also note - Some of the models like the BMW M5 12’ has working angel eyes in forzavista, but not in the open world ?

Here is a link to the pictures since i cant post picutes here.

Kind regards

Im running on win 10 PC version - Forza Horizon 4


Yeah, on the X6 M everything is wrong with the headlights. The modeling, the UV mapping to the wrong part of the texture, and the shaders (wrong materials, wrong specular values), everything.

Did they outsource the texturing to the Big Rigs crew on this one? :thinking:

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Lmao… I’ve had the X6M since like game launch, but never used it and just noticed the right side mirror blinker comes on when you brake. How do they screw something like that up lol.


Do you think that’s bad? The Volvo V60 Polestar’s blindspot indicator goes off when you brake lol. I don’t even know why they’d model the blindspot warning light much less how in the hell it gets mapped to the brake.

A bunch of cars just had white rear lights for some reason, never seen that before. It looked like a glitch.

The 458 Speciale turns on its headlights when you brake, but I kinda like it.